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the oakland police departmet cracks down on some of its . just a this morning... why dozens f the oakland police department cracking down on some of its own. just ahead on eyewitness news this morning, why dozens of officers could be facing punishment. one of the most fascinating journeys ever for the space shuttle endeavour. a look at how it's progressing toward its retirement home in los angeles. and a congressional debate gets way too touchy after a heated exchange in southern california. an admission from one of the men. it is 7:00, saturday morning, the 13th of october. thanks thanks. i'm ann mco vic. >> i want to tell you about the weather. >> please do. the sun a rising. >> thank god, otherwise that would be our headline. we've got mostly sunny skies for a switch around the bay area. oh, my gosh, look at that, blue skies, temperatures starting out a little bit on the chilly side. wait until you see what the numbers are going to be by the
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weekend. we'll have the forecast for you in just a minute. >> thanks, brian. the the oakland police department now cracking down and punishing some of its own. the department is calling for the firings of two officers and also demotions, suspensions and reprimands for 42 others. the reasons include excessive use of force on occupy protesters last year. the switch that mounted cameras that officers are required to wear and lying about their behavior when being investigated later. >> this is what i wanted. i wanted the oakland police to be able to look at itself and discipline itself. >> the city has thrown its hard work and -- hard-working officers and the citizens under the bus with this report. >> now, these disciplinary actions come at a time when homicides have spiked in oakland and the numbers of officers on the streets has dropped. nearly two dozen people were safely rescued from a boat that started sinking in the san francisco bay last night. it was a 40-foot boat called
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the neptune and it hit something near alcatraz island and then started taking on water. two coast guard vels -- vessels rescued all 22 pass passengers on board. it was hosting a bachelor party last night. again, nobody was injured. president obama will spend the next few days in historic williamsburg, virginia, getting ready for his second debate with mitt romney. romney, meanwhile, plans to campaign in ohio. as danielle nottingham tells us, the rival campaigns are each trying to pick up some momentum. >>reporter: vice president joe biden continued to play offense in wisconsin friday. >> it's time romney and ryan and the republican congress take a pledge to the middle class people, saying we're going to level the playing field. >>reporter: a day after a spirited vice presidential debate: >> with all due respect, that's a bunch of malarky. >> watch out, middle class, the tax bill is coming to you. >>reporter: both candidates headed back to the campaign
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trail. >> i feel great. >>reporter: paul ryan stopped for breakfast with his family before teaming up with mitt romney in ohio. >> there was one person on the stage with thoughtfulness who was respectful [ cheers and applause ] >> who was steady and poised. >>reporter: the obama campaign says the vice president walked away with the win, but friday the white house had to defend his answer about the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. >>reporter: former security officials testified this week that they had asked for more manpower. >> he's doubling down on denial and we need to understand exactly what happened. >>reporter: white house officials defended the vice president. >> matters of security personnel are appropriately disdiscussed -- discussed and decided upon by the state department by those responsible for it. >>reporter: libya is among the issues that both presidential candidates are expected to discuss in their town hall-
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style debate tuesday. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> well, the next presidential debate happening on tuesday night in hempsted, new york. it will be a town hall-style gathering moderated by candy crowley of cnn. you can see it here at 6:00 p.m. on cbs 5. the producer of "friday night lights" is accusing mitt romney of plaijarrism. he'she's a letter to romney says please come up with your own campaign slogan. the san fernando valley congressman who got into a pretty heated debate this weekend with a fellow lawmaker is acknowledging he crossed the line. 57-year-old brad sherman got into the face of 71-year-old howard berman over an immigration bill. [ inaudible ] le [ yelling ]
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>> that depate took place thursday night. now, sherman says putting his arm around berman was "not a cool thing to do." the two are running for the 30th congressional district seat. officials in the town of platen have to decide whether their vice mayor should be removed from office. joe medrano was found guilty on federal embezzlement charges this week. he's an insurance broker. his former business partner accused him of stealing $160,000 from the office. he is still on the november ballot for another term. this morning the space shuttle endeavour is continuing its final mission, a very slow trip through the streets of los angeles. you're looking at live pictures right now of the spacecraft going through an l.a. neighborhood as it heads towards its retirement home, a museum at exposition park. the shuttle, moving very slowly, at speeds up to two miles an hour. now, overnight, endeavour was pulled across a bridge above interstate 405 and today it is
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moving through a narrow residential street, as you just saw, with apartment buildings on either side. its wings are expected to get into driveways. people who live around there have been told to stay indoors. >> it's, like, amazing because i never seen it before. >> it's big, isn't it? >> yes. >>reporter: looks like a giant toy? >> yes. very much. >> the 170,000-pound endeavour p will be the centerpiece of an exhibit at the california science center. it's expected to reach the museum sometime this evening over a 12-mile journey over two days that took near nearly a year to plan. san jose-based e-bays plans to lay off employees. paypal ceo says cutting 3% of its staff is part of a plan to trim costs and reorganize. paypal made up 40% of e-bay's revenues last quarter, generating more than $1.3 billion. sunnydale's advanced
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microdevices or amds is also looking to cut its work force by 10% to 20%. according to a company insider, that is more than 11.000 employees. the company is projected not to make its financial goals this quarter. amd is intel's smaller rival in making microprocessor chips for personal computers. lava lodge cafe is a bakery-based business, but its new owner starbucks has managed to upset hundreds of employees. workers tell cbs 5 they've received a letter giving them 60 days to prove their legal or they could be fired. that could mean roughly 400 people would lose their jobs. one employee who is an undocumented immigrant says the letter is very upsetting. >> we put a lot of effort into this and we put a lot of love and work towards the company. it's not just [ inaudible ] >> stux says the letter was sent for health coverage reasons and not to seek out
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illegal employees, but the seattle-based company says is also has to exwrie with all labor laws. a job fair for young adults kicks off in a few hours in south san jose. the fifth annual youth job fair starts at 9:00 this morning at oak ridge mall. the event is organized by vice mayor madison, and nancy pyle. it's open to those ages 16 to 21. they will have a chance to meet face to face with employers. that will be at the nordstrom rack courtyard and ends at noon. a very strange discovery along a beach. coming up the theories behind that giant eyeball that washed up in florida. and the new rumors are starting, the latest buzz about apple about to introduce its new version of the ipad. unlimited free coverage for apple. how do they do it? as we have mostly clear skies around the bay area, numbers are mostly in the 40s. that's going to change for the first time in a while. sunshine. we'll have the forecast after
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the break. ,,
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today... people in most of a clara county will forever cn the way they d
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one week from today people in most of santa clarita county will forever change the way they dial phone numbers. october 20th is when the new 669 area code is introduced. it's a so-called overlay area code with the exact same boundaries as the 408. but those who have the 408 number will keep that area code. newly-issued phone numbers may be 669. the biggest change, though, everybody in that area will have to dial one plus the area code before the seven-digit number on all calls. the state public utilities commission had to add that new area code because the 408 phone numbers were simply running out. bloggers are buzzing about the mysterious upcoming release of the new apple product and it isn't the iphone 5. that's already been released. there are reports that the company will reveal an ipadad mini in 10 days. it is going to be an invitation- only event. the mini is rumored to have a
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screen that's 8 inches, compared to the 9 1/2-inch screen of a regular ipad. the price tag between $200 and $two 50. the ipad mini is expected to be released, proper timing, right before the holiday season. veterinarians at uc davis will try to help a dog that lost its snout while saving two young girls in the philippines. according to the san francisco chronicle, the dog jumped in front of a speeding motorcycle to stop it from crashing into those two girls. along with the snout, the dog named kabang lost her upper jaw. thanks to an online fundraising campaign, she'll go through two surgeries over the next six weeks in davis. two uc berkeley law students find themselves on the other side of the law. police say these two 24 years old have been arrested for allegedly decapitating an exotic bird at the flamingo casino in las vegas. the bird was a helmeted guinea fowl. this is a picture of what one of those birds looks like. police say surveillance video captured the men chasing the bird into some trees.
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i'm sure alcohol, well, played a role in that. can you imagine? >> from the decapitated bird to -- >> weather. that was so much nicer. >> they're a headless fowl. >> let's do weather because it sounds like it's going to be nice. >> for a change. it was a cold week. >> it was. >> it was overcast, it was chilly and it's changing. as high pressure finally reasserts itself, a weak cold front will move through from the north, you will see that in a moment. that's mixes things out. we're waking up to sunny skies here. some low clouds will form in the next hour or so, but still a tendency toward warmer weather, even though we're starting out chilly, well, without the clouds. we don't have that insulating blanket to keep us relatively warm. 46 in oakland and 46 in san jose. same for santa rosa. in the weather headlines, we'll get increasing sunshine today, a mid-week warmup and next weekend we'll be near 90 degrees inland again. we'll have one last shot at warm weather in the bay area before old man winter comes in. look at that flow over the pacific. it is just coming out here and
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then straight across and that will affect the pacific northwest. for us high pressure will build in, keeping most of the rain to the north, from eureka and up into washington and oregon, and we're going to be looking for things to warm up a little bit in the bay area today, not dramatically. but later on in the week, things do climb to near 90 degrees. out the door for us this morning, we'll get more sunshine in the next hour and a half. numbers recover into the mid- 50s. some patchy low clouds around, a few high clouds as well. but other than that it looks like sunshine. pinpoint forecast should be headed out of the bay area. they're going to get rain at eureka, partly cloudy skies in sacramento and fresno. 70 at lake tahoe. on the futurecast, a model of how the atmosphere should behave, look at that, it all clears out. sunshine until tonight, clouds, watch them, get pulled right into the bay. so we'll increase the clouds overnight, but daytime today looks sparkling, for the most part. some patchy low clouds out there. and the pinpoint forecast as we do it by the numbers.
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san jose recovers to the mid- 70s. 75 degrees at santa clarita, 71 at hayward, 75 at half moon bay. out on the east bay the numbers will be in the mid-70s, 76 in brentwood and 74 at napa. 73 for santa rosa. beg beg will be on the chilly side. in san francisco 67 degrees, oakland 71 degrees and san leandro 73. 67 for richmond. extended forecast, look at the numbers, warm inland with mostly sunny skies, we'll be into the 80s. by monday and tuesday bay will be very pleasant, numbers will be in the 70s, a few low clouds as usual in the morning. look at next weekend. east bay is going to recover into the 90-degree. by thursday, friday, it's going to be a warm one. that's next week. in the meantime we'll have plenty of sunshine. >> we have the treasure island music festival going on, the pumpkin festival in half moon bay. >> it'll be good weather. >> thanks, brian. pe peculiar things can sometimes be found along the
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beach. just ahead, this is so creepy, what some people believe the large eyeball that washed ashore in florida, now the theory that what might have originally owned this eyeball. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's fresh grocer tony s morning's well, if you like eating squash, it's time to watch and learn. here's fresh grocer tony tantillo. >> today's at this point of today is to do with squash.
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long italian zucchini. i love this squash, it's beautiful. they can grow five, six feet long and thick. my father grows them in the back yard. he saves the seeds for the following year. but some that he picks, the mother can make good pasta. this is perfect. let's talk about selection when you see them. make sure they're green like this from top to bottom, nice and mid green. make sure just a little bit of a touch, that's all. when you bring them all, stir them simply. you cut them up in the refrigerator, leave them on the counter and enjoy them right away. make the pasta. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer and remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. you never know what you will find washed you on the beach. this morning scientists are trying to figure out where a
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giant eyeball came from. >> it was round in the sand. i just give it a kick and it looked at me. i said, wait a minute, this is an eyeball. >> geno found that eyeball staring up at him on the shores of pompano beach, florida. about the size of a softball, geno is not a marine biologist and thought it might have come from a giant squid. the real experts aren't so sure. >> that does not really look like a squid. so i did a little hunting, and i came up with that, and that is a broad-billed sword fish. >> there's one guess for you, a broad-billed sword fish. florida wildlife experts are now giving that a closer inspection. just gives me the creeps. major league baseball's final four is now set. here's bern glenn with the giant's next playoff opponents. >> good morning, everybody. well, we're down to four, four of the most historic franchises in baseball, and the giants are
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one of them, but the a's? not so much. they came so close to that alcs party, but the boss, general manager billy bean said very little season is needed for another run. starts off a little minute. >> one thing we set out to do was to create something that would at least be sustainability and have some stability for a couple of years, and the one good thing about last night, beyond when i was looking down with the fans and they called the players out which i thought was really special, was knowing this team was going to be coming back by and large and i think that's a good thing. >> last night struggling alex rodriguez benched for the yankees, game five against baltimore. the yanks are up 2-0 in the 7th and curtis granderson had the stroke, a second decker. c.c. sabathia got a complete game, struck out nine. the yankees win over the orioles 3-1. they get the tigers in the alcs. in washington, what a meltdown,
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cardinals 6-0 early, led 7 in the 9th and lost it as del scazo off the glove. he would lead the charge as the cardinals would come back. pete cosma to the nine 9th. cardinals rallying, and they are coming to san francisco to kick off the nlcs tomorrow. have a good day. on to college football, only one major bay area team is at home today. st. joseph's state tries to extend a four-game winning street against the aggies at spartan stadium. the homecoming game starts at 1:00 this afternoon. 17th-ranked stanford is in los angeles today to take on number seven usc at 12:30 and it's the california golden bears at washington state 7:30 tonight. some rare memorabilia all connected to the white house. just ahead, a look at some presidential items sold at auction. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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closed captioning brought to you by sleep train, wishing you a fun and safe halloween. [ train whistle blows ] rescued 22 people from a bot that s a look at this morning's top stories, the coast guard rescued 22 people from a boat that started sinking near alcatraz in the san francisco bay last night. passengers who were attending a bachelor party on the boat described feeling a big jolt just before the boat started taking on water.
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they're all fine this morning. the oakland police department cracking down on its own. they're calling for the firings of two officers and disciplinary action against 42 others. some of the violations include excessive use of force. president obama is in virginia today prepping for the second presidential debate. it's going on on tuesday. mitt romney is campaigning in ohio, a crucial swing state. he's been there four times in the last five days. we would love you to join us tomorrow morning, phil and i on eyewitness news this morning, the vice presidential debate, we're going to be breaking it down, one and done. we're going to explore whether or not it's going to have any lingering effects in the final weeks of the presidential race. former state assembly speaker and former san francisco mayor willie brown is going to be here live in studio as well as tom del decaro, state chairman of the republican party. we'll have lots to talk about. it all begins at 7:30 tomorrow morning here on cbs 5. and a last look at the
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weather forecast today. >> it has not changed dramatically since the last time we talked five minutes ago. we're going to be looking at more sunshine around the bay area today. yay. we have temperatures warming to near 90 degrees by wednesday inland. so a look ahead, it looks warmer. today a transition day, as we dispense with some of the low clouds along the shoreline, but after a few fairly bleak days, not to disparage bleak. if you like bleak, you loved this week. 70s for the bay area today. it's going to be a beautiful saturday. >> i don't mind bleak myself, but a little variety never hurt anybody. >> don't worry, it'll be coming back. >> thanks, ryan. this morning the space shuttle endeavour continues rolling through the streets of los angeles. endeavour is being moved steadily toward its retirement home, but very slowly, as you can see there. it's headed to a museum at exposition park. it has been parked at los angeles international airport for the last few weeks. the shuttle is moving at speeds up to two miles an hour as we
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speak. overnight endeavour was pulled across a bridge above interstate 405 and today it's traveling along a narrow residential street with apartment buildings on either side. sometime tonight endeavour is expected to reach the california science center where it will go on display. a lot of people turning out to check it out on its final voyage. some pieces of white house history are up for auction. they were collected by a man who was a carpenter at the white house for 33 years. from harry truman to ronald reagan, now the carpenter's grandson is selling about a 1,000 hand me downs, they include a lighter, john f. kennedy's baby pin, and a wooden post from 1814 when the british set fire to the white house. some of the starting bids as high as $12,000. thanks for joining us this morning. ,,,,,,,,
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